Little Octopus Demand Endless Attention From Aquarium Worker Who Captures it All on Video

An intrepid TikToker has documented her experience working alongside an octopus or two at her job at an aquarium.

Maddy C. cleans the aquarium interior, and seems unable to escape the attention of the resident octopus. Putting closed captions in its beak, the octopus seems to clearly demonstrate its species’ immense intelligence, which some scientists reckon to be equal to a three-year old human child.

The TikTok video was picked up by Unilad, and viewed more than 23 million times on Facebook.

Everything from playing around, thievery, and a goodnight kiss, “Octavia’s” thirst for Maddy’s attention, interspersed with random cephalopod facts, makes for dynamite viewing, but be sure to watch until the end.